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Tell Me About Yourself

I think the most feared words in the English language must be: tell me about yourself.

I have always hated writing about pages because I figure I would let the reader/site visitor figure it out but apparently there’s this spot here I have to fill out…so here goes.

This is really just my corner of the internet where I want to share what I create. It could be a story about how the dog is a pain in the ass:

Jim Writes
Apparently the Dog is a Teenager
I read this article today in the New York Times about how at 6 months or so your dog turns into a n adolescent. And I have to say: I think the author might be on to something. Our dog at just 6 months old has all the qualities of a teenager when you come to think about it…
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or it could just be a pretty photo I made and want to share:

The topic could even be about some thing I like like this laptop I am using, or the headphones I am listening to. Or..the Peppa Pig Rain Coat that she has on in the photo above. 1

This is a lark for me currently.. A format to write. I like the email newsletter thing and at time of writing I have zero subscribers so it’s not like this is offending anybody.

This is a good thing actually for the time being because it will allow me to figure out how and when and what I want to write about. It’s better I write in silence for the first little bit - for both of us.


It’s a really cute little rain jacket and one of our better purchases.


Jim Fitzsimmons
We have that at home already. Probably in duplicate.